Kovoum Company was found in year 1999. At its beginning it focused on the production of the forged garden and interior furniture. The production concentrated only on the foreign market, specifically for the Swiss company named KAMAELON (www.kamaeleon.ch). As recently as in year 2001 Kovoum expanded its assortment due to interest of the local Slovak market. New items of goods were included to the assortment: gates, fences, banisters, summer houses, furnishing accessories, stairs etc.

Depending on the requirements of the customer the most used material for our products is steel or stainless steel. All forged products can be further surface-customized. In such a way the quality and look of the product can be increased.

Kovoum offers the following material and component modifications:

Zink coating and further modifications either by a conventional wet method or powder metallurgy
Polyurethane method
Coating with the conventional synthetic paint
Patination - final conversion of the old look